Life Lately

I’ve been busy.

Not even two weeks after my return to Michigan and I’m doing the full-time job thing again. I’m working for a wonderful local company doing front-end development. In other words, I get to play with HTML and CSS and JavaScript and build websites all day.

I’ve been writing–although not in my blog. The first draft of my sci-fi novel is getting very close to the end, and I’ve been working on some technical writing as well.

Much of my time has been spent with family. My Grandpa, a Veteran, passed away two weeks ago. He was a good person and was loved by many people, and I’ll miss him.


I loved seeing the photos of him as a young man. Like me, he was very creative and had many different interests. I will miss him.

Lately, my thoughts have been on getting myself even more settled in my new/old town. Soon I’ll be buying something I haven’t owned in over six years–a car. Once winter ends (IF it ends) I’ll be looking for a place of my own. A place I’ll be sharing with Sashimi, of course.

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