Pinned There, Done That: Mini Salted Caramel Cheesecakes

I saw this on Pinterest (from Cooking Classy) and nearly flipped out: cheesecake and caramel are my two favorite sweet things, and combined in mini cupcakes? With a graham cracker crust? I had to make them. I couldn’t make two-dozen mini cheesecakes just for myself, so I made them along with my cheesy biscuits for my friend Caitlin‘s fruit-and-cheese-in-Central-Park birthday party earlier this summer.

saltedcaramelminicheesecake As you can see, mine were slightly less pretty than the original, but they were still incredibly delicious, and everyone loved them! The main problem I had with the recipe was that I made way, way too much caramel.


It was also a bit runnier than I expected, but since this was the first time I’ve ever made my own caramel, it may have been user error. (Also, it was so tasty. Best caramel I’ve ever had, so amazing! Kids, do not melt those plastic wrapped caramels, this is 100x more delicious.) Caramel is pretty fun to make, but a bit stressful because you have to do things at really specific times. Boiling the sugar water is fun, here’s a video:

Also fun: smashing all the graham crackers. The recipe called for a food processor, but I don’t have one (or room for one) so I used the ‘ole rolling pin technique.


Simply, I require cheesecake to have a graham cracker (or at least some type of cookie) crust, which was why I found Junior’s supposedly famous cheesecake in Brooklyn so disappointing: cheesecake with a regular pie crust? Um, no. Graham cracker, please! People were really impressed that the cupcakes had little graham cracker crusts in the bottom. It was a time consuming and messy but fun baking project and it was a huge hit at the party! This pin is a win.


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