Alli Rense Treman

Alli is a writer and web developer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She builds websites for BizStream and manages and teaches at BizStream Academy.

Alli will write for you!

Maybe. If you're interested in putting Alli's English degree and over a decade of tech experience to practice on a blog post or article, drop her a line.



Reading, cooking, hiking, laughing, strawberry eating, traveling, cat cuddling, puppy admiring, science fiction novel writing, video game playing, doodling, beer tasting, baseball watching, wishing there was more time in the day.


  • Picture Perfect a jQuery plugin to keep your images inside their containers
  • Everybody Reading Books Over 10,000 Tumblrists, celebrating the joy of reading
  • Hot Guys Reading Books A very specifc subset of Everybody Reading Books, pulled out with PHP, and saved for posterity
  • Data Dealer A successful kickstarter campaign in 2013,
    US Public Relations
  • HacDC One of the first US Hackerspaces, cofounder,
    "retired" as of 2012